Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will:

/ Be able to discuss commonly adopted security frameworks and best practices
/ Have a good understanding of cyber threats, threat actors, and countermeasures
/ Understand fundamentals of threat modeling
/ Have sound knowledge of vulnerability lifecycle management
/ Be able to explain all aspects of cybersecurity governance
/ Have good knowledge of various network security technology solutions
/ Be able to discuss asset, configuration, change and patch management practices
/ Have a good knowledge of various application security controls
/ Be able to identify cyber and legal regulatory requirements to aid in compliance assessments
/ Be able to identify weaknesses in cloud strategies and controls
/ Be able to perform cybersecurity and third-party risk assessments

Who can attend?


IT Auditors


Cyber Security Analysts




Risk Management and Compliance Professionals


Systems and Network Administrators


IT Managers

A cyber defense analyst uses data collected from a variety of cyber defense tools (e.g. web application firewall (WAF), file integrity monitor (FIM), IDS, network firewalls, vulnerability scanner, etc.) and information systems to analyze events that occur within his/her environment for the purposes of thwarting cyber adversaries.



Module 1: Introduction


Module 2: Cybersecurity Governance


Module 3: Cybersecurity Operations & Technologies


Module 4: Emerging Cyber Security Topics

Certification Exam

Live Workshop - CV, Cover Letter and Job Search Coaching

cyber sec analyst

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