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In delivering our services, we follow commonly adopted frameworks and leave no stone unturned to ensure adequate protection of your business from cyber adversaries.

Cybersecurity Risk Management

Every cyber security program ultimately aims to reduce risk to organizational digital assets. We can give your cyber defense efforts a clear sense of direction by helping to develop and implement an overarching cyber risk management program. Learn More

Virtual CISO and Advisory Services

For many small and medium-sized organizations, having a full-time cyber security executive on the payroll is unrealistic. With our fractional CISO service, customers get the benefit of leveraging subject matter expertise and thought leadership of our accomplished leaders with cross-sector experience. Learn More

Penetration Testing

How confident are you about the state of your technical and administrative controls? With your approval, our cyber security engineers will put the strength of your infrastructure and web application security controls to test – using similar tools and techniques that hackers use – to identify weaknesses that can be exploited by malicious individuals​. Learn More

Cloud Security

Alongside the numerous benefits of cloud computing, however, come various cyber security risk. Organizations who migrate their workloads to the cloud may sometimes get false sense of security, but important to be aware that cloud adoption does not absolve any organization of its security responsibility. Digiss can partner with you to ensure safe cloud adoption. Learn More

Merger and Acquisition Due Diligence

Our Merger and Acquisition Cybersecurity Assessment is all about evaluating the cyber defense posture of the entity that is being considered for acquisition. The overall goal of this effort is to surface control deficiencies that could pose significant risk to the acquiring organization.
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Cybersecurity Compliance Programs

Our consultants are skilled at helping customers achieve their cybersecurity compliance goals regardless of the regulatory requirement that they aim to comply with. If we understand the need, we will guide you through your compliance journey – every step of the way. Learn More

Enterprise Data Protection

Aside from the need to protect data for business purposes, most organizations have legal and regulatory obligations to protect personal data from deliberate or accidental destruction, disclosure, or modification. At Digiss, we understand that protecting data is one of the most challenging aspects of cyber security, but we have the expertise to guide you every step of the way.​ Learn More

Security Architecture and Design

In delivering this service, we focus on making cyber security an integral part of system development efforts. Our security consultants work with cross-functional teams to ensure careful identification of relevant security requirements and implementation of tailored security controls as business-critical applications and systems are being developed.​ Learn More

Vendor Security Risk Assessment

External supplier can sometimes be the weakest link in an organization’s cyber defense chain. We act as an extension of our customers’ teams to incorporate general cyber security requirements into their procurement process with a view to minimizing cyber risks associated with 3rd party relationships.
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Incident Response Tabletop Exercises

Tabletop exercises provide an excellent forum to examine roles and responsibilities, unearth interdependencies, and evaluate plans that pertain how an organization will respond in the event of a major security incident. Digiss can help develop and facilitate technical and executive tabletop exercises to assess the readiness of your resources to perform their key incident response functions.​ Learn More

Vulnerability Lifecycle Management

Discovering your vulnerabilities by scanning your information systems is good, but it will be of no value if appropriate steps are not taken to analyze, prioritize and remediate identified vulnerabilities. As far as this solution goes, we deliver value by developing an overarching vulnerability lifecycle management capability and training your people to run it efficiently and effectively.​Learn More

Cybersecurity Strategy & Roadmap

Whether you currently have elements of a sound cyber security program in place of not, we can come in and help accelerate development or maturity of your organization’s cyber defense capability following determination of your potential cyber security threats and their corresponding countermeasures.
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